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Hemorrhoids are Easily Treatable

Joshua Nochumson, MD
Colorectal Surgery at Chilton
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What You Should Know About Hemorrhoids, But Didn't Want to Ask

Life can be quite ironic. As children, we were easily amused by basic bodily functions. However, issues concerning the lower gastrointestinal (GI) area become no laughing matter as we age. The idea of talking about such problems can be as uncomfortable as a hemorrhoid itself.

Hemorrhoids are essentially engorged blood vessels in the anal canal that have a variety of symptoms including itching, bleeding, discomfort or the feeling of a bulge during defecation. The good news is that they are often easily treatable, and Chilton Medical Center Colorectal Surgeon Joshua Nochumson, MD, is available to confidentially answer any questions you may have.

According to Dr. Nochumson, around 70 to 80 percent of patients who have hemorrhoids can experience significant improvement in their symptoms without undergoing any invasive procedure. "Often as we age, we have regularity issues and that can start a chain reaction of problems in the anal and rectal region, including hemorrhoids," he explained. "There are many simple measures to take that can make a huge difference. The fundamental goal is to reduce straining when going to the bathroom, something that can often be accomplished by making adjustments in diet and lifestyle factors. Additionally, I often recommend a bulking agent to increase fiber in the diet and occasionally suggest a stool softener in order to help improve stool consistency."

Communication may be difficult for patients when dealing with such a sensitive subject, but it is the key to solving hemorrhoids for good. Three to four months of consulting with Dr. Nochumson is well worth the end result. "Surgery is indeed an option, but it is important to remember that it treats the symptoms, but not the ultimate cause of hemorrhoidal disease, which ultimately involves constipation, poor bowel habits and straining," he said. "If you don't tackle the upstream cause, it will eventually come back and create more harm down the road."

For an appointment with Dr. Nochumson, call (973) 831-5063.

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