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Overview of Services
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Overview Imaging Services at Chilton Medical Center

Whether you need a routine X-ray or a comprehensive MRI, Chilton Medical Center's Radiology Department offers a full range of advanced imaging services:

Digital X-ray
It was the very first radiologic discovery back in 1895, and it's still around today. The X-ray remains a safe, effective method of examining the skeletal system and detecting certain diseases, such as pneumonia. Chilton recently added digital X-ray technology with several new features, including the ability to accommodate older individuals or those in wheelchairs as well as faster exam times and better quality images. The machine can capture multiple pictures per second, which are instantly available to physicians on a computer screen.

64-Slice Computed Tomography (CT)
64 Slice CT ScanAmong the most powerful diagnostic tools, our 64-Slice CT provides vivid, three-dimensional images of the body in a fraction of the time required with older technology - scanning a single organ in one second and the entire body in less than ten. The machine offers many other benefits as well, such as superior image quality and less exposure to radiation, while also reducing the need for invasive diagnostic procedures.

CT scanning is particularly helpful in diagnosing stroke, vascular diseases, carotid artery disease, cancer, kidney disease and aneurysms among other conditions. Specialized studies include:

MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
MRI uses strong magnetic fields, radio waves and computers to produce detailed, cross-sectional pictures of the brain, chest, bone structures and other areas of the body. Our scanner features a feet-first entry, faster imaging abilities and AudioComfort technology, which eliminates up to 97 percent of acoustical noise. Patients can even listen to their favorite music by bringing in a CD for our staff to play during procedures.

Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear medicine exams offer a safe, painless way to learn more about various cancers and disease. Small amounts of injected radioactive material gravitate toward specific organs, bones and tissues, providing images and crucial information about body function as well as structure.

Positron-Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT)
This extraordinary innovation combines the capabilities of two scanning devices in one non-invasive procedure, showing precise anatomical images along with cell activity. It is especially valuable for diagnosing and staging cancer, by determining whether a tumor is malignant or benign and pinpointing a cancer's exact location. PET/CT scanning is also useful in identifying early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Call 973-829-7953 to schedule a PET/CT scan.

This advanced technology utilizes high frequency sound waves to create visualizations of the abdomen, chest, breast, pelvis and blood vessels. The ultrasound machines in Radiology are used mainly to diagnose disease and guide needle placement during biopsy procedures, while Chilton's Perinatology Department has dedicated equipment to monitor pregnancy - providing detailed, live action pictures of the baby's movement.

Digital Mammography
The gold standard for early breast cancer detection, full-field digital mammography is available at The Breast Center. The technology produces crystal-clear images that can spot even the smallest abnormalities while also reducing the patient's exposure to radiation and shortening exams. As with any digital system, there is no waiting for results: radiologists can interpret images as they're taken.

To schedule an outpatient appointment for any of Chilton's Radiology Department services, please call 973-831-5088.

Mammography can be scheduled through the The Breast Center at 973-829-7935.


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