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Patient Experience Stories
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Patient Experience Stories

Linda Romanyschyn thanks her orthopedic healthcare team for quality time with BearLinda and Bear

After Linda Romanyschyn of Bloomingdale suffered a torn meniscus, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Drillings recommended a total knee joint replacement. Without hesitation, Romanyschyn chose to have her surgery at Chilton Medical Center. “I heard good things about Chilton Medical Center’s new Total Joint Center and that it would be more personalized than just going into a hospital,” she explains.

Surprised at just how at-home she felt at Chilton, Romanyschyn reports. “Family members can stay all night on a couch bed or recliner. There are no set visiting hours and my husband and daughter were able to come and go as they pleased.”

Romanyschyn appreciated her beautiful and spacious private room at the Total Joint Center where everything she needed, including her wheelchair, her walker and the bathroom, were conveniently kept right there in her room. “I had a femoral nerve block to help with the pain from my surgery,” she recounts, “so I was able to get up and move around a lot. It was a wonderful thing. The nurses were great, and I couldn’t ask for better,” Romanyschyn states.

Therapists came to her room and walked with her to the physical therapy room on the same floor. “Rehabilitation was tough,” says Romanyschyn, “but because it was hard it was great. You have to push yourself. Rehab is what you make of it. It’s hard because, wow, it hurts. For me that was the hardest part,” she admits. Todd Bauer, Romanyschyn’s physical therapist at Chilton, made her work hard. “He made me push myself to get better. He was my support and he did his job. I’d give him 110%; the others, too,” she says.

“I’m still going to rehab at Chilton regularly.” Romanyschyn likes to walk, as well as play with her dog, Bear. “He’s my best friend,” she says with a smile. “I can play with him
more outside now, which I love. I can’t quite walk him yet, because he’s a medium-sized dog of about 35 pounds. He pulls, and my leg isn’t sturdy enough. I have a ways to go yet, but every day gets better,” she says. Romanyschyn is back at her job already, however, working full-time as a pre-school teacher at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy in Wayne.

Find more information about our joint replacement care services, including treatment options, anytime on this site or by calling 1-888-CHILTON or obtain a referral to a Chilton Orthopedic Surgeon.

Maximino Guillani credits Chilton for putting some spring back in his stepMax

Not long ago, Maximino Guillani of Morris Plains was moving a little slower each day. Walking with his cane was getting to be too painful to bear and he couldn’t even get to his mailbox. Two or three days of mail would pile up as he sat, confined to his chair in the house. But that was then. Now, Guillani is up and moving again thanks to the successful hip joint replacement surgery he had at Chilton Medical Center last summer under the care of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hervey Sicherman.

Choosing Chilton as the place to have his surgery was an easy decision for Guillani. “I was familiar with Chilton. It is an excellent hospital. My daughters and wife went thereand everybody in my family who lives around here goes there for healthcare. They all told me that everything is good at Chilton,” he reports. “The nurses and all the people working there are very friendly,” Guillani says.

Guillani’s wife, Casilda, who also had a positive experience under the care of Dr. Sicherman, says she knew her doctor could help her husband. “Doctor Sicherman is very pleased with theoutcome of Max’s surgery,” she explains. “He says that Max is healing nicely, and everything is as it should be,” she reports. “His experience at Chilton was very good. The nurses were attentive. Whatever request he made for food, he was given. All his needs were met. He was very happy and always telling jokes.”

According to Guillani’s daughter, Mayra, “Chilton has always been a family hospital to me. My sister had her baby there.” She believes that after her father’s hip surgery, his overall appearance and behavior changed for the better. “Before he didn’t have the inner strength to move, knowing he would go through so much pain. He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Now he’s able to move more on his own without concerns about pain,” she adds.

Today at 77, Guillani is getting around more easily. He credits his quick recovery to the exercises he’s doing, and plans to follow his doctor’s advice to continue exercising. He still steadies himself with a cane, but he’s strong and confident enough to head out to the stores and shop for groceries. In good weather, he washes his car a couple times a week. “Now, Max walks every day,” says his wife, “and he goes and gets the mail. Before, he only complained.”

Find more information about our joint replacement care services, including treatment options, anytime on this site or by calling 1-888-CHILTON or obtain a referral to a Chilton Orthopedic Surgeon.

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