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Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

Maria Rodano lost 105 pounds after bariatric weight loss surgery at Chilton Medical Center!Maria Rodano, 45, had struggled with weight her entire life, but it wasn’t until a family member needed quadruple by-pass surgery that she realized the extra pounds could impact far more than her confidence and self-esteem.  They could compromise her health.

The experience inspired Maria to consider bariatric weight loss surgery.  “I tried every diet, every pill, every weight loss program out there, but nothing worked.  I could lose 20, 30, even 50 pounds, but I’d gradually gain it all back again,” explained Maria.  “I knew that if I didn’t do something, I could wind up with a heart problem.”  With a husband of 22 years, three children and a lifetime of aspirations, that was a risk she wasn’t willing to take. 

Maria underwent gastric band surgery at Atlantic Weight & Wellness Center at Chilton Medical Center. The outpatient procedure, performed by Dr. Vadim Gritsus, helped her lose 105 pounds - and gain a new outlook on life.  Following her recovery, Maria changed her lifestyle by embracing fitness and better nutrition.  “I still cook my favorite things, but I eat more vegetables and soups, less pasta and smaller portions,” she noted.  Maria is also more active and incorporates exercise into her daily routine, whether walking on the treadmill or strolling around the lake with her friends. 

“I saw results right away,” said Maria.  She lost 20 pounds within one month of surgery and achieved her weight loss goal in less than 24 months.  Best of all, she’s hasn’t gained the weight back.  “I went from a size 30 to a size 8, so I have a whole new wardrobe and I can shop for clothes in any store I want.”

“Weight loss surgery isn’t a magic wand.  You have to be ready for the change, physically and mentally, but the results are worth it,” she added.  “I feel like a totally different person… healthier and more confident about my appearance. Surgery was definitely the right choice for me!”

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